Being an intern can often be an experience akin to bashing ones own head against a hard surface.  Monotonous, boring, soul-destroying, whatever synonym of tedious suits you, these all describe most internship experiences.  This summer, however, I managed to find a position I actually like. I’m left to my own devices most of the time, clearly indicating a level of trust in my competency, which is rare. Since I sit by myself I get to play music and eat snacks and basically hang out like I’m at home while I do my work, this is what we call awesome. Added bonus: I get to drive; no hot, sweaty, packed subways for this girl. Instead I have a nice easy 20 minute drive, several parking lots to choose from, and beautiful vistas of grass, trees, and ocean to look at in every direction.  I work out on Staten Island, which despite its rather lack luster reputation, has some amazing pockets of history, culture, and nature. One such place is Snug Harbor Cultural Center, where I work.  It’s a nice place to take a break from the city: Snug Harbor.  Just had to share the rarity of my find.

The facility also has some interesting ghost stories, since it used to be home to the “aged, decrepit and worn-out sailors” of NY (Barnett 17) . Okay, I should probably get back to work now.


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