Wrap It Up…Yourself?

Okay, so, the first time this happened to me I was definitely surprised. I am referring to the somewhat bizarre phenomenon of “make-your-own-take-out-box.”  This is when you go to a restaurant, eat your meal, and decide to wrap-up your left overs to take home, but your waiter/ess brings the lovely throw away container to your table and walks away. Huh? How did this become acceptable? If I go out to eat it’s because I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to make food, or wash dishes, etc. And, if I’m paying for dinner then I expect to be served throughout the entire meal; you would never be expected to clear your own plates in a restaurant, so why should you have to clear the food off your plate for your doggy bag?

Now, I can see the positive aspects of this idea.  If you make your own take-out box than you can decide what’s going in and what’s not making the cut.  You won’t be faced with that piece of broccoli that you took one bite out of and put back on your plate (am I the only person that does this?) when you go to eat the food the next day. However, aside from the “no surprise box” that you’ll be greeted with when you go to eat your leftovers, there are not many benefits.  This minimal ‘plus’ does not balance out having to awkwardly sit in a restaurant trying to figure out a smooth way to move food from plate to box without dropping food and/or utensils everywhere.  Perhaps it is just my extra clumsiness that makes theses things more of a possibility, but I can’t be the only motor-skills-challenged person out there.  Anyway, my point is, at a restaurant you pay significantly more for your dinner than you would if you bought and cooked that same dinner yourself. Why is this? What you are really paying for is the service, so therefore the only time you should expect to lift a finger is when you’re picking up your fork.


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