I Hate Yous*

Bad grammar makes me really sad.  I went to private catholic schools for most of my life, and proper grammar was really stressed in the curriculum, so this obsession has been ingrained in me from the age of five.  I don’t consider myself a “grammarphile,” but, I do enjoy coming across errors in books and articles, it gives me a little thrill.  It also makes me really depressed; how did this get published with such a glaring grammatical error?  Obviously no one can know everything (except for P.Knisley, I’m thoroughly convinced that I could ask that man anything, and he’d have the correct answer), but it seems like people don’t even try or care about grammar, at all.  This baffles me.  I’m sure I’ve made many grammatical mistakes in this blog so far, and will probably make more, but the point is I try not to.  I edit, proofread, and correct, so I make the effort, which is what counts the most.  I hate reading blogs that have obvious grammatical errors, like misspelled words, missing words, etc.  Why should I take the time to read what you’re writing, when you obviously don’t even want to re-read what you wrote? Poor grammar is one of the main reasons I hate blogs/bloggers.  If you can’t write well (or try to write well), then don’t subject us to your writing.

This book is awesome: I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar by Sharon Eliza Nichols.  I realize that this is going to sound crazy, but, I would consider this one of the most romantic gifts ever to get from a guy, because it would mean he really knows and understands me.  My point is grammatically correct writing is kind of hot.  So there you have it, call me crazy, but I’m totally right.  

*intentionally incorrect to make a pointed statement.


One Response to I Hate Yous*

  1. Guess says:

    I own this book.

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