No I don’t mean blacking out from excess drinking or indulgences of any other kind. I mean when the power goes out and you have to sit in the dark like a schmuck for, possibly, hours. I haven’t experienced too many of these lovely events in my lifetime, but, they suck each and every time. There are many factors that go into my hatred of blackouts; one of those being I’m pretty fond of electricity. It’s useful for all sorts of things, like television, lights, and keeping all your food from spoiling in that fancy ice box we call a fridge. Secondly, and most importantly, I am afraid of the dark. Or perhaps more correctly I am afraid of being in the dark; the concept of dark isn’t really scary. Anyway the point is, being in a dark room when I’m not sleeping (and even sometimes then) freaks me out, a lot. So when I’m sitting in a room with lots of windows watching a movie, like I was tonight for instance, and the lights go out, I get a little upset. Especially when the power fails at the pivotal moment when the stewartess joins the drunk idiotic rockstar in the plane bathroom for a go around. Talk about leaving you hanging. Plus, the power always goes out when you have plans, like writing a post for your poorly attended to blog. So I am sitting in the dark on my phone writing this post, which is not fun or easy, so please excuse any spelling mishaps until I can edit later on. Finally I have to add that the two major blackouts I have experienced were on long island, and Goddamn LIPA need ro get its shit together.


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