Freon Love

Air conditioning is pretty much amazing. Summers in New York can be rather brutal, humid, hot, just unbearable. So, being able to step into a nice climate-controlled room is amazing.  I say room and not house because I’ve never had central air.  It’s something I aspire to have someday; sad I know.  Anyway, my appreciation for air conditioning really blossomed when I started college.  I never used an a.c. until I was reasonably old, but once I lived in Montauk it was entirely necessary, as the humidity out there is beyond belief.  However, I never truly understood how life saving air conditioning was until freshman year at FIT, where I lived in Nagler Hall.

Let me paint the picture for you: it’s August in New York City. Nagler Hall is the schools first dormitory; it has no air conditioning, and windows without screens.  This was a situation I was not in any way prepared to handle.  I didn’t sleep for a good three months, until the temperature dropped a marked amount.  This was also the first time in my life that I resorted to taking cold, I mean freezing cold, showers and throwing myself directly into bed.  It provided the smallest modicum of relief for about five to ten minutes.  It was God awful.  However, my roommate, Jen Bubbles, and I soldiered through it and survived those first hot months of freshman year, and were better friends for I think.  Luckily, next year I moved into the brand spankin’ new dorms, complete with central heat and a.c. August was much easier to handle let me tell you.

Now that I’m back living at home, with no central air, I truly appreciate the times when I’m in places with central air, like on vacation. I like it so much better for a few reasons. First because I truly despise the hum and drone of window/wall units.  I’m a troubled sleeper, to say the least, so the noise is hard for me to deal with. With that being said, it’s better to listen to the a.c. than die of the heat.  Second, central air would be awesome because then I wouldn’t have to take to lying on my basement floor for some relief from the heat.  It could be worse of course, but central air would be pretty sweet, until such a time I am happily enjoying the air conditioning in my bedroom.

Anyhow, to quote from one of my favorite movies: “freon is gonna change the good ol’ U.S of A.”  It sure did.


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