Don’t Hate

August 29, 2010

I can’t say that I’m not a judgmental person, because I do have very specific ideas about the way things should be done, or seen, or whatever.  However, people that are judgmental without any rhyme or reason, who speak simply  just to hear their own voice, those who disagree just for the hell of it, really irritate me.  This is especially true of people that feel the need to cast judgement on other people’s taste in music.

I love music.  I have not gone through one day of my life without listening to music one way or another, I don’t think I could.  So clearly this is something I’m passionate about, and there are certainly songs, artists, bands, etc that I am not fond of, but that doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t be able to enjoy them.  A song may seem to be the stupidest most inane thing in the world to me, but it may be the most meaningful 4 minutes of someone else’s life, for who knows what reason.  Of course good natured banter is to be expected among friends, but some people are downright closed minded.  What makes your opinion or taste the end all and be all?

For me a song has to reach me musically or lyrically, preferably both, but one will do just fine.  Some people would find this crazy, but, music is about people, and people are not perfect, so why does the song have to be.  There’s a line from a movie that I love, it goes: “Bad art is more tragically beautiful than good art because it documents human failure.” Music is about experiences, good, bad, or otherwise.  Who knows why people love any particular piece of music.  For all you know someones favorite song may be Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” because it was playing in the coffee shop the day they met the love of their life, and while the song has no bearing on the realationship, it just brings them back to that moment.   Some of my favorite songs ever got to be that way for situational reasons, not because the song itself was so amazing.  Some songs just remind you of a particular time, place, or person, and that  can be amazing.

My point is, there are some things that are appropriate to judge and others that are not.  Music is not.  If you don’t like it, then don’t listen to it, and leave it at that.

Wet Hands

August 22, 2010

As school approaches there are many things on my mind.  Oddly enough one of those things is the hand dryers in the bathrooms.  I have a real problem with weak hand dryers in public restrooms.  For one thing it causes chaos and disorder because there are always twice as many (if not more) sinks than dryers.  Whose brilliant plan was that? And these few hand dryers are always so weak that they don’t even come close to doing anything that resembles drying your hands, no matter what you do.  The reason public restrooms have these, as far as I can figure, is two-fold: 1. it keeps the bathrooms cleaner because there are no paper towels for people to throw around and 2. its supposed to be “green.”  Now I concede that the first reason is solid.  I mean women still find a way to make a mess anyway, but hand dryers cut down their amo.  However, I don’t really feel like hand dryers are all that “green.” They are, after all, using electricity.

My argument I guess is that if every public restroom had the super-powered, awesome hand dryers that actually work, then it would be okay, and it would be relatively “green” because it only takes a few seconds to work.  Most places, however, do not have good hand dryers; they have the really horrible ineffectual ones that are definitely energy suckers.  I mean no matter what you put in there, hand dryer, paper towels, those rotating cloth towel things, etc, they’re all detrimental in some way.  So I guess they should use the lesser of the evils, whatever that may be.  But, if I’m going to be subjected to hand dryers in public restrooms (especially at school, ’cause that shits annoying enough) then people need to invest in the good stuff.  It’s just common sense. Now that I think about it that’s a perfect explanation for why this is still a problem, because people don’t have no common sense.

New Things

August 17, 2010

Getting something new is always kind of exciting.  It’s all shiny and untouched. This is especially true of getting a new car.  Ok, actually the last time my family had a new car was when I was a year old, so this is my first, real new car experience, and I must say it’s pretty fun.  It’s bright, shiny, and smells good, it’s not unlike getting a new pair of shoes, which if you know me is something I really love.

My mother and I went car shopping a few weeks ago, and much to my surprise we actually bought a car, and it was the car I really wanted. Awesome.  We got a Mini Cooper; it’s red and adorable and my new favorite toy.  At first, I have to say, I was scared to drive it.  My mother brought it home and I sat in the car for 30 minutes looking at everything and figuring out how to work everything, but then I didn’t drive it.  It took me a full 24 hours to get up the nerve.  I didn’t want to mess anything up, but I got over it.  It’s like the best accessory ever.

I’m really into cars, ever since I was a kid.  I always thought this was kind of weird, especially since cars were not a “big deal” thing in my family, at least not in my lifetime, but I was always fascinated by them.  When I was a kid whenever my friends and I played MASH, the car choices were a big deal to me.  So anyway the point is, having a awesome new car has been exciting, definitely a little boost to get me through the dog days of August.

Hello Stranger

August 10, 2010

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it really annoying when strangers talk to you? I don’t know what it is about me, but people I don’t know really like to talk to me.  And I don’t mean at parties or stuff like that, you’re supposed to chat with new people then. However, when I’m in the deli getting a sandwich I’m not looking for conversation.  This happens to me often.  People are always trying to have a random conversation with me, and I don’t know why. I get the “hey, how’s it going” bit, because you’ve got to be nice to your customers, but there’s no need for it to go further then that. I don’t want to make small talk, just give me my freakin’ sandwich.

People also seem to love to ask me for directions. This is laughable at best.  I get lost easily, and remember my way by landmarks and such, my sense of direction is a little off. So not only do I have to deal with talking to a random person, but then there’s the added pressure of not sending someone in the wrong direction.  Most of the time this is not a problem, but occasionally, like when I’m in soho or the village, I freak out a little because I never know where I’m going down there.

this girl does not want to be talked to

More than that, I frequently have my sunglasses on and my earbuds in, not the most approachable look.  It always makes me really confused when someone on the subway asks me something when I see a dozen other people around with no iPod or other thing that says: “please leave me alone.” What’s really strange is when someone starts having a conversation with you like they know you. This has happened to me a few times, in Starbucks and places like that.  Just recently I was sitting somewhere and this lady comes up to me and starts talking about her day and saying all these things that I would have no possible way of understanding.  She was acting as though we were buddies, like I knew her backstory, but I didn’t.  So she blurted out this random story, then walked away.  It was bizarre.  After she left I looked around as though someone else should have found this weird, but clearly no one noticed.

In any event, I’m beginning to accept the fact that strangers seem to find me approachable.  I suppose it’s because I’m short and a girl, and therefore non-threatening, who knows.  Like I said, I’m starting to accept this, but it’s still kind of annoying.

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

August 3, 2010

Okay, actually it’s not raining right now, but it was supposed to.  We’ve all heard the saying “what’s the one job where you can be wrong everyday and not get fired… a weather man.” Well, that’s is 100% true. These people never seem to know what the hell they are talking about.  When  I lived in Montauk I never bothered listening to the weather forecast because it seemed pointless. The weather out there changes so quickly it’s ridiculous, I mean it’s a tiny strip of land sitting in the Atlantic Ocean, so severe weather is to be expected.  Anyway, once I got to college the weather report wasn’t high on my list of priorities either since I just wandered across the street for class.  It wasn’t until I was caught in the rain, without an umbrella, a few times sophomore year that I started glancing at the forecast before leaving my dorm.  However, this frustrated me as well because carrying around an umbrella just to be greeted by sunshine all day is irritating.

I hate rain. I hate it for many reasons, one of those being that I never know what to where; I tried to be practical for a while, rain boots and all that, but it’s just not me.  I want to wear whatever shoes I want to wear when I want to wear them, weather be damned.  So I am often wandering around in shoes that get soaked and coats that don’t wick away water when there’s precipitation afoot.  I probably look ridiculous, like one of those people I make fun of, but I refuse to allow the weather to limit my accessorizing. With that being said it can be pretty uncomfortable to have wet shoes, so when I’m in a particularly pragmatic mood I throw in the towel and break out my argyle rain boots.

Clearly, the Pacific Northwest is not a place I will be setting up house, because rain accessories are not things I intend to embrace.  More than that, the sound of rain is really disruptive.  Most people consider sounds like that,  white noise so to speak, soothing, but not me.  It keeps me awake, which is not a difficult thing to do, but whatever.  So you see, the odds are stacked against rain. Sure it keeps us from having droughts, which is convenient, but still not enough to tip the scales.

Although, I do remember this one time when I was a kid and it was pouring out, well actually it was a hurricane (well we got a day off from school because there were hurricane warnings), and my friends and I decided to go outside.  Clearly if there’s a hurricane, or anything like it, you should stay indoors, but being children with no sense of danger and a large sense of adventure we went outside.  And we played in the rain for what seemed like forever. In actuality it was probably less than an hour, but it was such a blast, running around and being silly.  I remember just standing still for a second, and letting the rain hit my face; it was one of the bizarre moments that you always remember, but you don’t really know why.

Let’s get serious though. Aside from the occasional transcendent moment, rain has nothing to offer me but soggy annoyed feelings.  I’ll admit there is one this I love about rain, but, I’ve got to keep some things a mystery.


August 2, 2010

I look forward to this all year.  That’s strange, but oh well.  Discovery Channel is pretty awesome in general, but the concept of Shark Week makes it over-the-top amazing.  Currently I’m watching “Air Jaws,” which is about Great White sharks and how they breach the water to attack their prey.  It’s a magnificent and clearly terrifying display of  an animals abilities.

I am very petrified by sharks, and therefore fascinated by them, which is why “Shark Week” excites me.  It’s an entire week of shows that keep me, literally, on the edge of my seat, because sometimes I get nervous and have to leave the room.  I’ve never seen a shark in person, well at least not one that wasn’t strung up dead or behind thick glass living in a giant fish tank.  I fully believe that if I ever do encounter a shark, outside of the aforementioned circumstances, that I will go into full cardiac arrest. But they fascinate me, completely.

Now, you’re probably thinking that Jaws is one of my favorite movies (especially if you know my links to MTK) but you would be wrong.  I hate Jaws actually.  I saw it when I was a little kid, and it scared me, but I also thought it was just dumb, and the sequels were an embarrassment.  Then when I got older and realized the impact it had in real life, and how it fueled idiotic people to hunt sharks so that many are now endangered, I hated it even more.  I’m sure this was not what they intended, but this is what happened.  And the hilarious thing is that Great White’s are not even the most dangerous sharks, not in terms of human harm.  Bull and Tiger sharks, well let’s just say you’re way more likely to lose a limb if you encounter one of them.

So, the point is, I’m really into Shark Week, and you should be too.