I look forward to this all year.  That’s strange, but oh well.  Discovery Channel is pretty awesome in general, but the concept of Shark Week makes it over-the-top amazing.  Currently I’m watching “Air Jaws,” which is about Great White sharks and how they breach the water to attack their prey.  It’s a magnificent and clearly terrifying display of  an animals abilities.

I am very petrified by sharks, and therefore fascinated by them, which is why “Shark Week” excites me.  It’s an entire week of shows that keep me, literally, on the edge of my seat, because sometimes I get nervous and have to leave the room.  I’ve never seen a shark in person, well at least not one that wasn’t strung up dead or behind thick glass living in a giant fish tank.  I fully believe that if I ever do encounter a shark, outside of the aforementioned circumstances, that I will go into full cardiac arrest. But they fascinate me, completely.

Now, you’re probably thinking that Jaws is one of my favorite movies (especially if you know my links to MTK) but you would be wrong.  I hate Jaws actually.  I saw it when I was a little kid, and it scared me, but I also thought it was just dumb, and the sequels were an embarrassment.  Then when I got older and realized the impact it had in real life, and how it fueled idiotic people to hunt sharks so that many are now endangered, I hated it even more.  I’m sure this was not what they intended, but this is what happened.  And the hilarious thing is that Great White’s are not even the most dangerous sharks, not in terms of human harm.  Bull and Tiger sharks, well let’s just say you’re way more likely to lose a limb if you encounter one of them.

So, the point is, I’m really into Shark Week, and you should be too.

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