Wet Hands

As school approaches there are many things on my mind.  Oddly enough one of those things is the hand dryers in the bathrooms.  I have a real problem with weak hand dryers in public restrooms.  For one thing it causes chaos and disorder because there are always twice as many (if not more) sinks than dryers.  Whose brilliant plan was that? And these few hand dryers are always so weak that they don’t even come close to doing anything that resembles drying your hands, no matter what you do.  The reason public restrooms have these, as far as I can figure, is two-fold: 1. it keeps the bathrooms cleaner because there are no paper towels for people to throw around and 2. its supposed to be “green.”  Now I concede that the first reason is solid.  I mean women still find a way to make a mess anyway, but hand dryers cut down their amo.  However, I don’t really feel like hand dryers are all that “green.” They are, after all, using electricity.

My argument I guess is that if every public restroom had the super-powered, awesome hand dryers that actually work, then it would be okay, and it would be relatively “green” because it only takes a few seconds to work.  Most places, however, do not have good hand dryers; they have the really horrible ineffectual ones that are definitely energy suckers.  I mean no matter what you put in there, hand dryer, paper towels, those rotating cloth towel things, etc, they’re all detrimental in some way.  So I guess they should use the lesser of the evils, whatever that may be.  But, if I’m going to be subjected to hand dryers in public restrooms (especially at school, ’cause that shits annoying enough) then people need to invest in the good stuff.  It’s just common sense. Now that I think about it that’s a perfect explanation for why this is still a problem, because people don’t have no common sense.


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