Don’t Hate

I can’t say that I’m not a judgmental person, because I do have very specific ideas about the way things should be done, or seen, or whatever.  However, people that are judgmental without any rhyme or reason, who speak simply  just to hear their own voice, those who disagree just for the hell of it, really irritate me.  This is especially true of people that feel the need to cast judgement on other people’s taste in music.

I love music.  I have not gone through one day of my life without listening to music one way or another, I don’t think I could.  So clearly this is something I’m passionate about, and there are certainly songs, artists, bands, etc that I am not fond of, but that doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t be able to enjoy them.  A song may seem to be the stupidest most inane thing in the world to me, but it may be the most meaningful 4 minutes of someone else’s life, for who knows what reason.  Of course good natured banter is to be expected among friends, but some people are downright closed minded.  What makes your opinion or taste the end all and be all?

For me a song has to reach me musically or lyrically, preferably both, but one will do just fine.  Some people would find this crazy, but, music is about people, and people are not perfect, so why does the song have to be.  There’s a line from a movie that I love, it goes: “Bad art is more tragically beautiful than good art because it documents human failure.” Music is about experiences, good, bad, or otherwise.  Who knows why people love any particular piece of music.  For all you know someones favorite song may be Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” because it was playing in the coffee shop the day they met the love of their life, and while the song has no bearing on the realationship, it just brings them back to that moment.   Some of my favorite songs ever got to be that way for situational reasons, not because the song itself was so amazing.  Some songs just remind you of a particular time, place, or person, and that  can be amazing.

My point is, there are some things that are appropriate to judge and others that are not.  Music is not.  If you don’t like it, then don’t listen to it, and leave it at that.


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