The Art of Commuting

September 29, 2010

And there is an art to it.  I think they should give classes or something.  Everyone that rides the N train take note!

As I am now fully back in “commuter-mode,” all the things I hate about commuting are flooding back.  One thing that really baffles and annoys me is when someone gets on the subway and sits next to you when there are many other empty seats.  Why would you choose to sit next to me bumpin’ elbows when you could sit at the other end of the bench free and clear? If someone can explain this to me that would be great, I’m not holding my breath though. This especially distubrs me when it’s late at night, you look like a creep, just sayin’

This is a pretty respectable distance, however, if there was a seat across the aisle, one of them should have taken it.  Also, get your feet of the seat you asshole, that’s not okay regardless of how empty the train may be.

On another note, I was once on the subway at about 4 or 5 AM coming home from somewhere, and there was a guy, presumably homeless, laying across and entire bench.  There were about three people on the train, myself included, so this did not bother me.  However, it really bothered the cop that was on the night shift, because she walked through the car and proceeded to hit the bottom of the bench with her night stick.  Needless to say the man woke up and nearly had a heart attack. She wouldn’t walk away until the man stood up. That cop was a jerk, just like most of them are.  It’s 4AM, no one cares but you; the guy didn’t even smell.

At anytime during the day, as above, this is unacceptable, see website named for details in case you’re too stupid to understand train etiquette.

*After writing this yesterday I left my house to go to class, which means I had to get on the dreaded subway.  Well getting there was pretty uneventful, ya know, the usual.  Going home, however, was a whole different story.  I got stepped on and pushed way more than usual for one thing.  Then there was man taking up an entire seat with a bunch of fucking plastic bags full of stuff.  Normally I would have a) not cared or b) just asked him to move it, but for some reason it made me so angry that I had to just ignore it otherwise I would have been really rude.  Then I saw a man sitting with an inflatable neck roll, ya know the ones for planes, trying to take a nap. Really sir? How long could your commute possibly be? Not long enough to need a neck roll I’ll tell ya that much.

Eerie Sight, Always

September 12, 2010

(from my backyard 9.11.10)

All Good Things…

September 8, 2010

So, since the school year has started once again, I will have considerably less time for fun stuff like television, seeing my friends, ya know sleeping, and most definitely blogging will have to take a backseat.  With that being said, I will try to update this bad boy every now and again. So long summer, till next time…

p.s. as I bid summer farewell, I realize that this means my favorite season is about to start.  Hello Autumn, bring on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes stat.