It’s Almost Time…

for my (former) favorite holiday. When I was a kid Halloween, or All Hallows Eve if you want to get dramatic and/or Catholic about it, was my favorite holiday.  I always had a b.a. costume, which my mother usually made, thus making it even better, and I always got tons of candy. I mean tons;I had one of those plastic jack-o-lantern buckets for my candy, and that thing got filled to the max, and then I usually filled one or two plastic shopping bags as well.  That haul would last for months, so great.  I live in the hands down best neighborhood for trick-or-treating. I swear they bus kids in so they can trick-or-treat here, no really, I think they do. We used to make, maybe 500 bags, and we always, and I mean always, ran out, but the kids never seemed to run out.  We used to start giving away our school snacks/candy and as a last resort we would give kids change when we had nothing else left –my mom was not a fan of the “sorry no more candy” sign on the front door.

I looved getting mini pumpkins cause they were my size, and I loved painting them.

I also spent a few Halloween’s out in Montauk with my father and brother, which was pretty great as well. My  father used to take us to this little town near the air force (?) base to trick-or-treat; it was so adorable and festive.  I vividly remember this one year when I was a princess.  I had this ridiculous red, white, and gold princess gown, with fake fur and jewels, and a tiara of course, but it was pretty cold out in Montauk by that time of year, so I needed clothes under the costume.  Well, my father decided to put me in leggings, I believe, which was fine, and timberland boots. Yes, I had little tiny girl tims, whatever I played rough. However, this clearly did not go with the ensemble, but it’s really funny to look at in pictures now.

And we used to go apple and pumpkin picking, and my brother and I would paint pumpkins and my dad would carve jack-o-lanterns.  I remember being so excited when I was finally allowed to carve a jack-o-lantern, and then I realized how much work it was and never did it again. My mother however was the master.  She made some insane jack-o-lanterns, seriously, they were like pumpkin art.  I, sadly, did not inherit her pumpkin carving abilities, c’est la vie. Anyway, the point is Halloween as a child was all kinds of awesome.

Not even close to my mom's

However, as I got older, and because of certain things, I no longer love Halloween the way I used to.  I used to love thinking up a costume and making it, or at least parts of it, and sitting in school all day so excited to get home and trick-or-treat.  Now, dressing up is a chore.  I did not dress up at all while I was in high school because it seemed ridiculous.  I dressed up Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior year of college, and my costumes were pretty good (flapper, little red riding hood, and 70s go-go dancer), but my heart wasn’t in it.  I think I’ve become disenchanted by the whole thing, because people always just want to be whatever the new, hot costume is that year.  Freshman year that  costume was Rainbow Brite. I saw so many freakin’ Rainbow Brite’s it was enough to make me puke.  I was so excited when I first saw the costume ’cause I loved her as a kid, I had Rainbow Brite sheets okay, it was serious.  But I realized it was going to be the “it” costume, and therefore I could not wear it under any circumstances.  This year I’m banking on seeing a thousand and one Lady Gagas, blech.  My friend was Lady Gaga a few years ago, before “Let’s Dance” became sooo popular.  See, that was awesome, because she (and I) knew who she was then and already thought she was amazing (and a little off-kilter). So, basically there will be a bunch of chicks running around nyc in bedazzled underwear this year, not looking half as good as Gaga does when she rocks them, which will be unfortunate to witness.  I guess it’ll give me something to make fun of/laugh about.  I haven’t decided if I’m dressing up this year, if I do I have no idea what I am going to be, and the clock is ticking.

Also if someone could find me a really good caramel apple somewhere that would make me insanely happy; those things are like Fall on a stick, and candy corn, anything you can eat in sections makes the top of my list.

so good



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