And So It Begins…

I have been calling New Years and un-holiday for years now.  People make such a big deal about New Years Eve, as if what you do on that particular evening will steer the course for your entire year to come.  Well, it won’t.  I have spent many years going to parties and/or bars on this un-holiday and have never had an evening without something going awry.  And even if nothing goes wrong, you’re still going to be packed into a room with a bunch of people you either don’t know, or don’t care about, and will probably have a drink spilled on you. Or possibly get your tooth chipped by an uncontrolled, flying hand hitting your beer bottle into your face (this happened to me one year, seriously).  I say just make sure you’re with people who are important to you, because that’s what matters all year anyway.  With that being said, Happy New Year, hello 2011.

What bothers me more that the hype surrounding New Years Eve is the aftermath of ringing in the new year.  By this I mean the barrage of weight loss commercials on our televisions, radios, and computers.  This had been driving me CRAZY for years.  If January (and possibly June) are the only time of the year you think about how fat you are/have gotten, then that’s your first problem.  Why is is that people think they are going to change their entire lives because a new year is starting, as if a new year will magically make all your bad habits disappear; it will not!  You can’t change your life by changing your calendar; you have to actually change.

What’s more hilarious is the ridiculous products that companies tout during this vulnerable time of year.  I will not get specific, but I think you all know what I mean, you know the products that promise you will lose 20lbs in two weeks, or that you will lose weight by essentially doing nothing, hilarious.  Clearly none of these things are possible, and if you happen to buy one of these things and you do lose weight, it is guaranteed that you will gain it all back and then some, trust me.  And when this happens you will probably fall back into the apathetic state-of-mind that you were in in December, until next January.  This is the cycle, and it’s infuriating.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions because no one ever keeps them, and I like to follow through on things.  However, no one want to a hear a resolution that you can actually follow through on; people make unrealistic goals for themselves because they sound good– losing tons of weight, quitting all bad habits, stop talking about people ever– this immediately sets you up for failure.  Anything in life has to be done gradually, it may be annoying, but that’s the way it is, deal with it; it’s called maturity, and clearly most adults don’t have this.  In any event, let’s all just get over the furor of the new year; yes it’s 2011, I hope it will be awesome too, but I don’t expect my life to change overnight because the year did.  I had a great New Years Eve with my awesome boyfriend, so this is not a bitter rant, just a statement about the sad state of our instant gratification society.

Also, all the people who willing allow themselves to be corralled into barricades, like animals in Time Square for the ball drop, are ABSOLUTELY INSANE, without a doubt, no way to argue otherwise.

Good Luck in 2011 : )


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