As Easy As Making Change

August 9, 2011

Let’s talk about the ‘check-out’ experience, i.e. paying for products and or services at a register at the end of a transaction of sorts.  These days I often pay for things with my debit/credit card so this isn’t a problem most of the time. However, when I do pay for things with cash I get annoyed every single time.  Why is it that the person giving you your change always hands you your recipe then tries to put the change in your hand on top of the receipt? This often results in the change falling out of your hand onto the counter or floor.  Idiotic.

This is not rocket science (whatever that is supposed to entail); logic would dictate that you put the change–separate objects–into the palm of the hand THEN place the receipt–a solid object–on top of the change.  But that never happens, ever. This also applies to handing you change on top of your bills, just as stupid.

Clearly this is not an earth shattering problem, but it is one of those little annoyances in life that just irritates me because it is so illogical.