Not a Music-Lover?!

October 20, 2011

When I meet people who do not love music it blows my mind, every time. We’ve all met those people who say they just “aren’t that into music,” or that they will “listen to anything.” This is insane to me. People that do not have some sort of deep connection or opinion about music are like aliens to me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve devoted pretty much my entire life to the arts, in one form or another. And after much careful consideration (which perhaps is a bit odd), I’ve come to the conclusion that if I had to choose between the visual arts and music I know what my choice would be. By this I mean, if I had to decide which one to live without for the rest of my life. I would have to choose music. I actually can’t remember a day when I didn’t listen to music at some point. The thought is insane to me.

Music is what has gotten me though some of the hardest times in my life, and also the thing I turn to when I’m happy or excited to help me celebrate. Not in a conscious manner of course, but you know when you get excited or sad you fall into certain routines. Well for me, the routine always involves a ‘playist switch-up.’ It wasn’t until recent years that I discovered that not everyone does this. I honestly thought this was the norm, that there wasn’t a single person on the planet that wasn’t really passionate about some kind of music. I mean one of our most basic human instincts is to make music; it’s one of the first things we created after all.

I honestly can’t imagine what I would do without it. Also, as a side note,  can we discuss how awesome Beta Music by Google © is!?!? Makes sitting at work a little more bearable I must say.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about look into it!

Concerts are also one of my favorite things, although I don’t frequent them enough. What’s better than being in a place with a bunch of people that love a band just as much as you do? The energy is amazing. There’s also something really raw and incredible about someone getting up on stage with nothing but their instrument and voice and making something beautiful happen. I got to see The Damnwells for the first time this past winter and is was so awesome. Can’t wait to see them again, and a long list of others. I’m missing the Kevin Devine show this weekend, which I’m really sad about, but he is certainly on my list as well. If these names are foreign to you, it’s time to get on that, seriously.

So my point here, and I do have one, is that I can’t live without music, not even for one day, and people that can make me very confused and kind of sad. To each his own I suppose, but I’ll pass on your company.

I’d also like to add that I played an instrument for 9 years, so this is a deep and profound love for something, not just a passing fancy or declarative statement with no bones to back it up.


And So It Begins…

January 5, 2011

I have been calling New Years and un-holiday for years now.  People make such a big deal about New Years Eve, as if what you do on that particular evening will steer the course for your entire year to come.  Well, it won’t.  I have spent many years going to parties and/or bars on this un-holiday and have never had an evening without something going awry.  And even if nothing goes wrong, you’re still going to be packed into a room with a bunch of people you either don’t know, or don’t care about, and will probably have a drink spilled on you. Or possibly get your tooth chipped by an uncontrolled, flying hand hitting your beer bottle into your face (this happened to me one year, seriously).  I say just make sure you’re with people who are important to you, because that’s what matters all year anyway.  With that being said, Happy New Year, hello 2011.

What bothers me more that the hype surrounding New Years Eve is the aftermath of ringing in the new year.  By this I mean the barrage of weight loss commercials on our televisions, radios, and computers.  This had been driving me CRAZY for years.  If January (and possibly June) are the only time of the year you think about how fat you are/have gotten, then that’s your first problem.  Why is is that people think they are going to change their entire lives because a new year is starting, as if a new year will magically make all your bad habits disappear; it will not!  You can’t change your life by changing your calendar; you have to actually change.

What’s more hilarious is the ridiculous products that companies tout during this vulnerable time of year.  I will not get specific, but I think you all know what I mean, you know the products that promise you will lose 20lbs in two weeks, or that you will lose weight by essentially doing nothing, hilarious.  Clearly none of these things are possible, and if you happen to buy one of these things and you do lose weight, it is guaranteed that you will gain it all back and then some, trust me.  And when this happens you will probably fall back into the apathetic state-of-mind that you were in in December, until next January.  This is the cycle, and it’s infuriating.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions because no one ever keeps them, and I like to follow through on things.  However, no one want to a hear a resolution that you can actually follow through on; people make unrealistic goals for themselves because they sound good– losing tons of weight, quitting all bad habits, stop talking about people ever– this immediately sets you up for failure.  Anything in life has to be done gradually, it may be annoying, but that’s the way it is, deal with it; it’s called maturity, and clearly most adults don’t have this.  In any event, let’s all just get over the furor of the new year; yes it’s 2011, I hope it will be awesome too, but I don’t expect my life to change overnight because the year did.  I had a great New Years Eve with my awesome boyfriend, so this is not a bitter rant, just a statement about the sad state of our instant gratification society.

Also, all the people who willing allow themselves to be corralled into barricades, like animals in Time Square for the ball drop, are ABSOLUTELY INSANE, without a doubt, no way to argue otherwise.

Good Luck in 2011 : )

Squat Much?

June 22, 2010

It’s unfortunate, but it’s also a fact of life, the use of public restrooms that is.  Everyone has to use them; I mean we spend more time at work, school, etc than we do in out own homes, so I’d say we are all well acquainted with the horror that personifies public restrooms.  The fact is, however, that the lady’s room is a much more terrifying thing to confront than the men’s room.  Even if men’s bathrooms were as dirty and gross and women’s it wouldn’t matter, because they get to stand up and pee.  They’re safe.  And, because I have, on occasion, used a men’s restroom (single person of course) I know that they are never as disgusting.  This troubles me.  In general men are more slovenly than woman, but somehow they manage to keep their bathrooms in order.

I often wonder, when in public restrooms, what women are doing in there. There’s toilet paper everywhere, various fluids all over the floors and sinks, so what gives? These things are all irritating, because it is very simple to put the toilet paper in the toilet bowl, the paper towels in the garbage, and to get the soap on your hand, but what really baffles me is women’s penchant for squatting.  Why, why, why do women squat over the toilet bowl? The way I figure it,  they are perching themselves above the toilet seat because there is something on it that they do not want to encounter, understandable, but how did it get there? Because one of your fellow squatters, with bad aim, came before you and defiled the seat.  So here’s my point, my main point, people squat to avoid other people’s bodily fluids, but if no one ever squatted, then no one would ever need to squat, because nothing would be able to get on the toilet seats in the first place.  So stop squatting! Also, if you’re one of those freaks that’s afraid of toilet seats then use those handy, paper toilet covers that are so kindly provided.  Or you can consider the fact that door knobs are more dangerous to encounter than toilet seats, it’s a fact, so unless you plan on licking the toilet seat, you’re safe.

Also, if you people weren’t so busy squatting like idiots then perhaps the line for women’s public restrooms wouldn’t be so insufferably long.  Just sayin’.

Wrap It Up…Yourself?

June 16, 2010

Okay, so, the first time this happened to me I was definitely surprised. I am referring to the somewhat bizarre phenomenon of “make-your-own-take-out-box.”  This is when you go to a restaurant, eat your meal, and decide to wrap-up your left overs to take home, but your waiter/ess brings the lovely throw away container to your table and walks away. Huh? How did this become acceptable? If I go out to eat it’s because I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to make food, or wash dishes, etc. And, if I’m paying for dinner then I expect to be served throughout the entire meal; you would never be expected to clear your own plates in a restaurant, so why should you have to clear the food off your plate for your doggy bag?

Now, I can see the positive aspects of this idea.  If you make your own take-out box than you can decide what’s going in and what’s not making the cut.  You won’t be faced with that piece of broccoli that you took one bite out of and put back on your plate (am I the only person that does this?) when you go to eat the food the next day. However, aside from the “no surprise box” that you’ll be greeted with when you go to eat your leftovers, there are not many benefits.  This minimal ‘plus’ does not balance out having to awkwardly sit in a restaurant trying to figure out a smooth way to move food from plate to box without dropping food and/or utensils everywhere.  Perhaps it is just my extra clumsiness that makes theses things more of a possibility, but I can’t be the only motor-skills-challenged person out there.  Anyway, my point is, at a restaurant you pay significantly more for your dinner than you would if you bought and cooked that same dinner yourself. Why is this? What you are really paying for is the service, so therefore the only time you should expect to lift a finger is when you’re picking up your fork.